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We're here to make your journey amazing

Our ethos is all about makings your journey in the area happen.  We offer bike hire, luggage transport, shuttles and local knowledge.  If one of our existing packages doesn't fit what you're looking for, then use our services below to construct what you need.  If there is another idea you have, just ask us, one of our local partners may be able to help us deliver it for you.

Please note:  We endeavour to be as flexible as we can.  Generally, we are on the river road Monday - Friday.  If you're looking for option outside of this, chat to us and we'll see what options we can create.  In the Summer season, if we have a minimum number of passengers etc, we can be more flexible.  *Due to increasing fuel prices all shuttle services are often subject to change.

Bike Hire

Working with our partners we can provide a bike suited for your adventure.



Mountain bikes


E-Bikes (MTB)


All our bike hire includes delivery.
Let us know your height so we can provide the best size frame for your trip.
Bikes are serviced before each trip and come with basic puncture repair kit and a helmet.

Luggage Transfers

When you've got everything sorted but you just want to get your gear from A to B each day, then let us do the heavy lifting.



Whanganui - Pipiriki 


Monday - Friday

Pipiriki - Ohakune


Monday - Friday

Whanganui - Ohakune

Contact us

Monday - Friday

Ruatiti Station

Contact us.


Getting you and your bike to the start, middle, end and back to the start again is made easy with our support.


Cost/person incl. bike
Whanganui - Ohakune$180.00 ppMinimum 2 persons
Whanganui - Pipiriki$110.00 pp (Mon - Fri)Minimum 2 persons
Whanganui - Pipiriki$175 pp (Sat - Sun)Minimum 2 persons
Pipiriki - Ohakune$85.00 pp (Mon - Fri)Minimum 3 persons

If there is somewhere else you would like to go, then let us know and we will let you know what we can do.